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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Benefits To Voice Over IP

By Brian Lakeman

It really is difficult to believe that there are still numerous people out there that do not even know what VOIP is. VOIP very simply stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a telephone service that makes use of your high-speed internet connection to connect all your calls. Unlike a dial up internet service, however, your VoIP service can be utilized in conjunction with your internet so that you can potentially surf the internet and use the phone at the same time. Many people don't realize the many benefits of making the change to a voice over ip phone service.

1. Price- This is obviously the greatest benefit to utilizing this kind of service as it only costs users between $25-$50 and most users, on average, find this price to save them between $100-$150 monthly just on their home phone service. The savings is usually the first thing that draws new customers.

2. Unlimited Calling- VOIP service is unlimited. This means that you can call anywhere, anytime, however many times you want for just one low monthly fee. No extra charges for long distance calls, local calls, and you could even have international calling included for a slightly increased flat fee. Unlimited calling that's all-inclusive makes it possible for customers the freedom to grab the phone and call whenever they decide and they love to have a worry free feeling.

3. All The Extras- Most are afraid that when they change to VoIP they will have to give up their favorite features from their home phone company. Instead, most are happily surprised to discover that they not only have call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, and caller id but they have them already included in their low monthly fee. All the extras and none of the cost another of the incredible advantages to VOIP service.

4. Call Clarity- Another worry of those considering making the switch is that they will not be capable to receive their calls clear enough, although most people are satisfyingly amazed and discover that they have little issue hearing the other party when using this service. As a matter of fact, most people find that they have the same level of service as they had when utilizing a conventional phone service.

Overall, there is little reason to keep paying those high phone bills just to maintain a landline phone. VOIP allows you to use your high-speed internet service to get the same services for a whole lot less.

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