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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top 30 Interesting Topics for Presentations

By Sandra Carter

One of the worst things that can occur when giving a presentation is to look up and see your listeners bored, yawning or even sleeping. So as to make an engaging presentation, you want to keep in mind that your topics play an important role in the success of your work. is a good resource for even more educational and humorous presentation topics which will keep your audience engaged.That's why try to put a little time and effort in choosing your topic. If you select something engaging for you and for your audience, you will be in a position to get both: assignment that you like, and interested audience.

After you show your zeal and if you care about the topic you're talking about, the presentation is surely going to get the very best grades. And there are so many different topics in the world , so be sure: you'll find something in the range of your interests. Try and make a list with some good topics and then select the best one. You can consult with your teacher or professor and their guidance can help you decide as well.

Here's a list that will keep your listeners interested and entertained, just use one of those 30 interesting topics for presentation.

These 21 controversial speech subjects will keep your listeners interested and may inspire them to reconsider their own views.

1. Creationism versus. Evolution

2. Affirmative Action

3. Prayer in Schools

4. Polygamy

5. Gay Marriage: What is the difference between a marriage and a civil union?

6. Gays in the Military: What were the effects of Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

7. Ladies in the Army

8. Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools: Are these policies too oppressive or did they protect kids?

9. Legalization of Marijuana

10. Is a lottery a good idea?

11. Comprehensive Sex Education vs. Abstinence-Only Education

12. Steroid Use in Sports

13. Global Temperature Rises

14. Abortion

15. Birth Control: Should birth control be offered to teens?

16. Needle Exchanges: Do they reduce the growth of HIV and hepatitis or inspire drug abuse?

17. Capitalism vs. Communism

18. Socialised Health Care

19. The Death Penalty

20. Globalization and Human Rights: How has the worldwide spread of ideas and technology influenced human rights?

21. Medically Helped Suicide

Think about your peers ' interests when choosing your topics for your presentation. Try one of the next presentation topics that attract attention with popular culture references.

22. Television Shows and Surgery

23. Dating Lessons from Grey's Anatomy

24. Are Models Too Skinny?

25. Minority Roles on Primetime Television: Talk of the absence of Afro-American actors on shows like Friends and Seinfeld

26. The role Of Social Network Websites like Facebook and Twitter in the Arab Spring

27. Medical Mysteries: Use cases from House as examples.

28. The Modern CIA: How realistic is the Bourne Trilogy?

29. Modern Childrearing: Talk about lessons learned from John and Kate, the Duggars and the Octomom.

30. Modern Marriage: Start by talking about Kim Kardashian's 72-day wedding to Kris Humphries.

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