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Monday, January 31, 2011

Here are Some Great Reasons to Think About Buying the Captivate Instead of the iPhone

By Tomas Ghuman

The Samsung Galaxy S is Samsung's Android smartphone that was introduced in March. There are many different versions of the Galaxy S as each cell provider has its own unique take on the phone. As of January 2011, Samsung has sold 10 million Galaxy S phones globally and the phone has captured several international awards and honors.

The phone was initially launched in Singapore on June 4, 2010. After only being on the shelf for a weekend, Samsung came out with a press release that all stores carrying the phone had been sold out. It was then introduced in other Asian countries and then eventually in Europe. Next came the US, where all variations of the phone have been wildly successful.

Because the device has continued to crush the competition, the Captivate is being looked at as a major thorn in the flesh for Apple as this is one of their stiffest competitors yet in the mobile devices business. Finally, there is a phone to compete head to head with the iPhone as other companies such as Samsung have caught up in the world of cellular communication. This is ultimately very beneficial for all of us as having options usually tends to force better quality and better prices.

Many of the consumers who have Samsung's smart phone enjoy it for the screen which is much larger than most other smart phones. This AMOLED screen has a very colorful and bright picture. These colors are especially exceptional and easy to notice when using the camera and camcorder options on the phone.

In addition to these nice features, the Galaxy S also has music software that is similar in functionality and ease of use to that of iTunes. This, of course, appeals to anyone who wants to listen to tunes with their phone acting as an mp3 player.

Perhaps the greatest feature and one that truly sets this line of phones apart from the iPhone and other smart phones is the Swype texting feature. This easy to use feature makes it so simple to text, type, and email.

If you are looking to buy a smartphone and want something with similar capabilities but a much better price, then look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S. This phone will give you everything you want and so much more at a very reasonable price point.

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