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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Basic Considerations On Catching A Lady's Heart

By Ricky Clark

Welcome to Doctor Love's dating tips for men. This is the place for all the best advice for bringing the ladies a-flocking to your side. Dating is the key to beginning a blossoming relationship.

Are you screwing it all up? Then you need some help. Dating ain't easy and there aren't really any real rules for getting it right. But there are some broad guidelines (no pun intended), and it may just be a matter of memorizing them.

Here are some tips. But don't take my word for it; try them out and see if they lead to success.

Rule number one is all about grooming. You can't go out dressed like that! The t-shirt isn't funny anymore and the checker pants look like they haven't seen the wash in a while. Dress up a little bit. You don't need a tux, but try for a sport jacket.

Just a little bit of work will get you out there a swinging. A haircut is a good start. Perhaps a shave. Definitely ditch the torn jeans - some nice slacks will do fine. Then dab a bit of aftershave and you are one handsome dude.

Don't overdo the dress; you don't have to break out the funeral suit or anything. But definitely dress it up a bit more than you might do normally.

The next rule of thumb is to be mannerly. Make Emily Post proud. Open the door, doff your hat, pull out your date's chair. Chicks dig this stuff, for real. But don't go overboard here. Be nice, but don't be super-sugar sweet. Nobody's going to fall for that fake stuff.

Finally, learn how to listen. This may be the hardest one for most folks. It doesn't matter what your dating is talking about, engage. If you pay attention to what she is saying, she will be able to tell. Also, keep your eyes on her face, not down lower.

Don't forget to add to the conversation. Don't just sit there like a lump, ask questions, pipe up with a relevant anecdote, or at the very least nod your head and go "uh-huh" so that she knows you're still alive. Follow these rules and your date may take the bait.

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