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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Otterbox iPhone 4 Etched Impact Case

By Ahsan Currimbhoy

Ever since Apple first released the iPhone in 2007, it has been the most popular smartphone on the U. S market. The one thing which made the iPhone stand out from the competition was the fact that it was the first ever multi-touch capacitive touchscreen smartphone on the market. And since the release of the first iteration of the iPhone, the market for capacitive touchscreen smartphones have grown enormously. Many competitors including HTC, RIM, Palm, Samsung, Motorola and many more had released products which would rival the iPhone. Apple knew that in order to remain on top, they had to make the fourth iteration of their hot selling smartphone much better, and they did just that with the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 features the same quick 1GHz A4 processor found on the iPad, a beautiful 3.5" display which boasts a 960x640 resolution, the highest resolution found on any smartphone, a front facing camera for video calls and videoconferencing (Apple even introduced their own videoconferencing software built in, FaceTime), and a 5MP camera with flash capable of recording video up to a resolution of 720p. The powerful processor, the beautiful display along with the smoothness of iOS, Apple's smartphone operating system, is what makes the iPhone 4 deliver a positive user experience.

One thing about the iPhone is that due to the popularity and how advanced the device is, the resale value tends to hold very well. Whenever an iPhone 4 user will be ready to upgrade to their next phone, they should be able to sell their iPhone 4 and use that money to pay for their next phone (with 2-year contract), perhaps even a future iteration of the iPhone. But in order to maximize the resale value of the phone, the smartest thing to do is to purchase a case in order to keep it in like new condition.

As somebody who has owned many smartphones and used many cases, there is no brand which I prefer over Otterbox. The quality of their cases can be seen by how durable they are coupled with the great feel of the case and innovative designs. This particular Otterbox case is a part of their impact lineup which offers extra layers of protection and is built to be a great heavy duty yet stylish case.

This case can offer maximum protection for your phone from potential scratches, scuffs, dust, bumps, cracks and minor falls. This case is custom designed for the iPhone 4 and includes easy access to all ports, buttons and cameras. This case also offers a textured skin for outstanding grip. And it is available in various designs including a red heart, teal lion, orange floral, green floral, pink hummingbird, blue wheat floral, black skull, black lines and purple circled lines. If you are looking the best protection for your powerful smartphone, then look no further than this Otterbox impact case.

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