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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Advanced IT utilization

By Bertie Sullivan

The Internet has completing changed our society and our world. The Internet has shaped the way we shop for food, pay our bills and do banking, the way we work, shop, learn, and interact with one another. It has given us the ability to multi-task in ways we would never have thought possible.

The Internet is a global system of computer networks. It gives computers the ability to communicate with one another across the globe. Literally. The Internet was invented and first put to use in the 1960s for strictly government and military use. It wasn't until the mid 1990s where personal computers with Internet capabilities began showing up in American homes.

You could spend an entire day either talking about or writing down the Internet's uses. To name a few: networking (business or social), blogging, chatting, learning, working, communicating, or downloading music or files. It is easy as typing in a site into the address bar, and within seconds the page loads before our eyes.

The Internet's uses are endless. It is used for business communications, online entrepreneurships, education, shopping, streaming video and media, social networking, making phone calls, email, file sharing and transfers, storing information and data, and even chatting and blogging. By simply typing in an IP address or domain name, the world is at our fingertips.

Today, the Internet is everywhere. More and more organizations are setting up wireless systems such as Wi-Fi for customers and coworkers and affiliate businesses. Cell phones, Smartphones, and even iPods all have Internet or Wi-Fi capabilities. You can check your email, call someone on Skype, and listen to your favorite song all on one handheld device. It's truly amazing.

Most would agree that the Internet has made our lives easier, however most would also agree that it has made our lives more difficult. Relying on the Internet TOO much can cause problems. For example, relying on a bank's website to view your account transactions and balances can be stressful if the bank's site goes does or is unavailable for an unpredictable or unknown amount of time. A poor connection or signal can be downright frustrating when you know there is an important email waiting in your inbox, or you have homework to post to a portal for your teacher, or you've got a call to make to your boss who is in China for the week.

Of course the Internet can be really beneficial, but relying on any piece of technology can cause issues. Technology was built and designed by man, and man isn't perfect. So, technology is going to have its shortcomings and technical issues along the way. However, looking at how fast the Internet has grown and spread, it is safe to say that in another decade or maybe less, Wi-Fi will be available everywhere. We will be able to connect from anywhere with any kind of gadget.

Many believe that in the future we will no longer have to go to work or school. All business and education will be done solely from a computer. There are already education portals that children and teachers use to communicate with one another on homework, tests, and other projects. There are entire advanced degree programs that are 100% Internet based. It is very easy for people to work from home with external email and VPN access. There are even some companies who let their employees work from home several days per week! It's not that far off.

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