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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simple Public Relations Moves You Can Accomplish

By Adrianna Noton

Getting the word out is what public relations is all about, but the truth is many people have no idea where to start. No matter if you have a business or you just want to promote yourself, you must go about in a cohesive way for maximum benefit. Today there are many different options that you can choose to get the promotion that you desire. Here are some ways that you can accomplish it and in an effective way as well.

Newspapers for most people will be the starting point that they will want to go with. Local newspapers always like to hear about local business or individuals who are doing something in the community. Readers like to read about them and a newspaper likes to promote them as well. Write a press release and see if the newspaper is willing to print it as it will give you a lot of great press. Keep in constant contact with your local newspapers keeping them updated on your progress.

People love to win things for free and one way to do this is through contests and sweepstakes. This is a great public relations tool that individuals and businesses have used very effectively for years. Offer some nice prizes and free entries to people who want to help promote it. Follow all local, state, and federal laws, so you do not run into any trouble.

Offer to speak for free at local organizations. Many people especially non-profit organizations are looking for speakers for their group. By offering your services you promote yourself and your business and giving back to the community at the same time. There are many non-profit organizations that you can contact to offer your services. Do this on a monthly business as it is a great public relations tool.

Adopt a non-profit organization to help out during the year. There usually are thousands of local organizations that could use your help. By adopting one it shows you and your business cares and people can find out more about you and your business in the process. Donating your time can be very worthwhile project for your employees as well.

Besides using offline public relations going online can prove very effective as well. Social media marketing is one area that you will want to look into. Site such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace should be considered starting points. Remember when you use social media the right way it is a very effective and powerful tool.

When people hear the word free they seem to be all ears. Offering such things as free articles or other items is a good idea. By writing free articles on a variety of subjects you can link them back to your website. Many people are looking for articles on certain subjects and you can be the one to deliver that content for free.

No matter what directions your public relations takes it will take some time to get it accomplished. It really is a never ending cycle that you must continue. Day after day you will need to put the work in, but over time you will see many different benefits from it.

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