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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pre IPO Investments - Pre IPO Investing - Misty Eyed Dreams of Investment Success

By James Scott

Keeping ones ears to the tracks, hoping for IPO or Pre IPO involvement to diversify a portfolio just isn't enough if you are trying to get to the next level of profitability and bang for the buck. Let's face it a sucker accepts 4% from their local bank and a chump will kneel down before the investment banking giants and beg for inclusion to their 'insider' list of HYIP type deals while paying gargantuan commissions and fees that strip the ultimate profitability from the unique transaction they are becoming part of.

Many that have been taken through the ringer by brokerage firms, belittled by money managers who have unrealistic minimum for key transactional involvement have taken it upon themselves to kick those old habits of dependency to the curb and seek out their own solutions for investment.

A key component to successful investment options is to find consulting firms that are both structuring consultants and microcap IPO facilitators.

These organizations will typically open up dialogue with prospective investors and smaller money managers, build the initial rapport, educate and then allow for involvement.

Many of these consulting firms will first be educators by offering free seminars and webinars or even iTunes downloads at no charge and then they cherry pick the investors that are ready to roll while keeping the others who are still skeptical or not ready to move on the back burner and cultivate those relationships.

Solid consultants will continue dialogue while never being pushy or 'sell-ish'. Bypass the pretentious self-proclaimed demigods of finance and get to the heart of real investment opportunities by latching onto the consultants that actually go through the s1 filing process and attach the market maker to achieve a symbol with FINRA, investing in the company Pre IPO via PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) will give you even better options if you have properly evaluated the company in which you are seeking to invest as you can typically buy shares in a Pre IPO at a tremendous discount to the retail price predicted for the IPO (predicted being the key word).

Talk to a licensed securities/investment professional before investing in any venture and seek legal assistance when needed.

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