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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Galaxy Tab my Samsung

By Gareth Jale

Measuring a whooping 7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy comes with two cameras and is a formidable competitor to the iPad. Unlike the iPad, the Galaxy Tab is more convenient when it comes to size and it is also Flash compatible. However, while it is meant to be a Notebook alternative, the Tab seems more like a larger Android smart phone. Users are able to choose from a 2 year contract or a monthly charge plan. Many will label this as a smaller version of the iPad and a good alternative, but with a carrier commitment requirement many will choose to opt out of this tablet. This is however an uncompromising product that explores new territory both in terms of features and design.

Made of Corning Gorilla glass; the Tab's screen is sturdy and very clear. Like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab also has a 1024x600 megapixel screen resolution. The Pixel density is much tighter because the screen is about half the size compared to the iPad. Like the iPad's, the screen uses a capacitative, multitouch technology that outperforms the Archos 7 Home Tablet and the Dell Streak. A front-facing 1.3MP camera that is perfect for self portraits and video chat is placed above the screen. Like other Android devices, the search, back, home, and menu buttons are similar and located across the bottom.

As previously stated, an important feature of the Tab is that it is much smaller and lighter than the iPad. It runs on Android 2.2 and like all other Android devices you will have access to the Android Market for the latest applications. Unlocking the touch screen brings up a familiar home screen with a floating Google search bar and dock icons for Web browser, email and other familiar apps such as Qik video chat, Media Hub, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, Slacker Internet Radio among others. A built-in accelerometer sensor reorients the screen automatically when you hold the Tab in either landscape of portrait view.

There are more features that make iPad owners envy the Galaxy Tab. For instance, it does a superb job as an in-car navigation device since it includes GPS. The navigation app offers turn-by-turn directions, voice search and many different points of interest; but the best part is that it comes with the purchase of any Galaxy Tab. Moreover, the Tab can play Flash video natively in the browser since it has in-built Adobe Flash 10.1. The results may be a little bit choppy but it's a nice addition. The Tab uses GSM technology for cellular data connection, which is more compatible with cellular networks outside North America.

Media playback performance, pictures, video and audio all work well because of the processing speed it has. Content transferred, whether by microSD or USB, is immediately scanned by the Tab and accessible through the appropriate apps. Other extras such as video bookmarking, audio enhancement settings and mosaic view of video stills all bring out Samsung's creativity on creating portable media players. Movie and video content is available through Samsung's Media Hub, and a wide selection of TV shows is available for download, with content from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, Warner Brothers and others all priced at $1.99.

The availability of accessories such as a screen protectors, keyboard docks, multimedia desk docks, stands, carry pouch, a case, slip cases, in-car chargers, adapters, clip hangers, batteries others enables users to customize the Tab to their requirements. Many customers prefer the Tab over the iPad because of the Adobe Flash support and memory expansion capabilities. While some of its apps such as the calendar, notepad and photo apps look like the iPad's, the Tab is a complete product on its own considering that is only measures 7 inches; half the size of the iPad.

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