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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Features of the Droid X

By Gareth Jale

The Motorola Droid X is the latest Android phone offered by Verizon Wireless. There are so many unique features on this phone that it is a must have for all smart phone users. For example, one of the better features of this smart phone is the ability to record and playback HD video. Users will be able to capture all of the best and most memorable moments they experience by using this phone.

User of this new device can also view TV programs on the go. Customers can also view movies, news, and other important programs. You will find it hard to be bored when you have this device. Users will also be able to connect to Wi-Fi or become an actual hot-spot for other devices and be able to offer HD wireless services.

Also, as a Droid X owner you can take advantage of the amazing Android Market. There are thousands of applications that one can download; many of these apps are free or very low cost. Included in these applications are thousands of games, weather applications, news applications, and sports applications. It is very simple and takes only a little of your time to download an application for your smart phone. In addition, you can find calculators and other measuring devices, laser levels, phonebooks, ringtone applications, and even ghost radar applications in the Android Market.

For the new Motorola Droid X, Verizon Wireless has an extremely powerful 3G network for all of your mobile browsing needs. Anytime, anywhere, your phone can pull up any website to view information. In addition, mobile email can be set up on your phone, as well as other network sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Additionally, there are free navigation services on your new Droid X.

There are also many accessories for your new phone. To protect the delicate screen on your new phone, consider one of the many Screen Protectors. These are placed on the screen of your phone to prevent any scratches from occurring from normal day to day use. The screen protector is a light- weight protection agent that you will hardly even notice on the phone. Motorola Droid X screen protectors are a must have for all smart phone owners.

Accidents happen we all know that, but we should still be prepared for them in case they do. Purchase one of many Cases to add safety and style to your new device. Cases can be purchased in many colors and designs. They are intended to snap onto your phone for the perfect fit. There are many other accessories that can be purchased as well, including items such as headphones, microphones, and chargers.

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