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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marketing In Sports Today

By Dylan Hall

Sport in today's making is becoming one of the fastest and largest industries today. Social media agencies are additionally growing everyday. Particularly marketing and public relations has turned out to be on the rise of the sport globally.

Millions of pounds are spent on all different concepts of the topic of Sports Marketing and pr, such as broadcasting rights, sponsorship rights, licensing and even merchandising every year. Social media comes along in both sets of fields of Marketing and PR in almost any situation.

Becoming part of the specialized economy and in everyone's day to day society, sport itself has become so demanding for the knowledge in many different fields of Sports Marketing and pr for the nearer future. Each day we will find ourselves in some kind of source in sports or any other field of work that involves either marketing or public relations. For example social networking i.e. 'Twitter' is used almost every second to promote certain events and ads because it comes at no cost.

What is pr? It's what we see, what was said, who said it and how they send there message across. Furthermore media and advertising is a powerful form of public relations. News is always making and connected to the media and is constantly around us especially at this current time within the economy. From newspaper articles, radio, web pages and blogs, TV and even press releases. To do all of this, it always comes at a cost especially in how we advertise. For example large name brands such as Adiddas will be able to produce an advert on TV which means it will reach a wider spectators and this will gain more publicity rapidly and further directly to its potential customers.

Increasing more by the day, sponsorship and rights is taking over in what is seen a much better way of advertising your organizations, logos and names of brand products. Particularly in technology and professional sports world is more than highly dependent on funding of a corporate sponsorship. In particular promotion is one of the key aspects of arranging sponsorship deals. Sponsorship can be used for events, venues, teams and individuals. Very often it is seen as sponsorship is used to promote its products through a certain individual.

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