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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking Your Company Public, M and A Consultants, Corporate Strategies Consultants: Remember Leadership

By James Scott

Companies that lack growth are typically missing the element of leadership. Egotistical CEO's that disrespect their staff and lack the necessary communication to yield productivity is usually the wrong person to back during an IPO or globalization initiative because without the cooperation of those in the trenches, the process becomes dysfunctional and all efforts are in vain. An individual in a senior executive position needs the dedication and emotional fuel that comes with a staff that backs his efforts.

The 'C' level executive needs uncompromising character (make a promise and break it one time and it's over, your staff will never trust you again) and a strong work ethic but another aspect that shouldn't be ignored is the visual presence of a CEO with a powerful and elite advisory behind him assisting him in optimizing his strategic and tactical maneuvers to get from point 'A' to point 'B' in an expedited and streamlined manner.

Publicity assimilation needs to be issued in a way that feeds information to those who need it in a passive manner without stuffing it down the throats of junior staff members in a way that displays force-feeding or excessive action stemming from the ego of management. Treating support staff and sales agents as subservient of a lesser god and intellect will eliminate your ability to flow forward as one, singular cohesive unit which is a mandatory prerequisite to globalization, IPO's and M & A.

Leaders can only function if they have a dedicated following. Verbal communication, keeping your staff in the know, having trusted informants on the floor and real mutual respect will give your roots depth and strengthen your position as a director. Your word needs to be golden with your staff and must supersede any advisory by board members, VP's or political advisory. Those who insist on pressing the issues that diminish your integrity need to be dealt with immediately and typically termination of their position is the only way to set a precedent that is demonstrative of consistency (obviously, if you are in a difficult situation and the survival of the company is at stake or you are paying people to deliver the bad news, these things need to be taken into consideration before a termination is facilitated).

Leadership, influence, strategy and consistency are the arteries which will pump blood through the body of the company which delivers life and vitality to a corporation that is in the process of international expansion, mergers, acquisitions and the almighty IPO. The CEO's job will be challenged with obstacles which will test the above but dedication to principle with an eye toward the end result will be the lantern that guides him through the chaos of the process.

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