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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here's How To Do a Reverse Phone Lookup For Free

By Grant Dougan

If you ever are curious about who is the owner of a particular phone number, you can call on what's known as a reverse phone search. This is a great trick to use anytime you need to learn details on a phone number.

You can probably already imagine that there's numerous times that this tool will come in handy. You might be seeing texts or telephone calls from a number that isn't familiar.. This type of phone lookup is also utilized by people when they keep seeing phone number on their partner's cell telephone that they don't recognize.

Before the world wide web it was very tough to find this information. At the time there really wasn't any easily available place that allowed you to conduct this type of search.

Now it's uncomplicated to use this type of search if you are online. Organizations have established businesses that put together large databases that have data on almost every phone number out there.

You will be required to pay a fee for this, but it is minimal. However, we are going to show you a trick that could let you find the information for free.

We're going to rely on one my most used sites - Google! Go to Google and with quotations, type in the telephone number you're curious about (ex: "134-939-1757"). Take a look at the search results that appear after you press the search key.

Why this will work sometimes is that the telephone number might have been put on a website at some time. It's possible the individual posted a classified ad or filled out some sort of profile page online. If the phone number has landed on a webpage, Google will find it. Have a look to see if there is any usable information that comes up and if there's any useful information on the website.

If this doesn't bring up anything for you, a paid service will give you the individual's name and address and might also provide you with details on their history (address history, job history etc).

On a side note, I typically recommend to use a company that offers a membership option. Using this option you will only be billed once and are then able to use as many reverse phone searches as you need. You are only billed once and can then use a reverse phone lookup anytime you want.

Getting info about the owner of any phone number is easy with a reverse phone lookup. This is a great tool to have access to.

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