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Friday, January 28, 2011

Reverse Email Search

By Bill Castle

Have you gotten an email that has a very vital message but you don't know the person who sent it? Or have you received something very threatening that might endanger you and your family?

These messages are very important their source should be verified immediately because it contains life-altering information. Because no name or any clues attached to the message, you need to use a service that traces the source and provide you with the data you need. It is necessary for you to obtain the services provided by email address lookup sites.

Email address lookup sites are basically services that will let you locate a person by email. They have a database that contains millions of accounts and they are constantly updated to provide accurate and timely data to their users. Their services usually require fees but it's worth it as they would provide very helpful information. Some websites also allow membership so that their customers can access the website for a flat fee without extra payments. Membership to these sites is usually at $40 while a single search would cost customers $15.00. The membership option is a very attractive offer since it gives unlimited search ordinarily for a year.

The basic information supplied by these websiets is the sender's address and name. But customers can easily extend the search site to other purposes. Some have actually used the site to search for the actual phone number of the sender. These sites have also been used to screen the sender for possible criminal records. This is very effective when you are trying to look for the source of threatening messages. With the additional data at hand (name and address) you can search through criminal records if the sender has some violent past.

Email address lookup isn't just a simple service that tries to locate the name using email addresses. It's often used to protect people and has been valuable for businesses as it can screen candidates. Homeowners have also used the service to getting in touch with their loved ones and protect themselves from spammers, threatening emails.

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