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Monday, January 31, 2011

Applications using the Android Platform

By Dan Edison

Applications can be built for mobile devices from Googles Android platform which provides open source operating system software for developers. The top ten Android apps created from the Android platform can help users do a variety of tasks.

Cab4me is an Android apps that allows the customer to call a cab from the nearest location by clicking on the application. The location of both the user and the nearest cab company is identified by the GPS to enable this facility. Locale, a second application, automatically sets your phone to vibrate mode as soon as you enter the office and also enables forwarding of calls to different groups based on your location, whether the office or the home. PicSay can be used to edit pictures by highlighting, changing colors, adding bubbles and even distorting the pictures.

Softrace is the fourth among the top ten Android Apps which allows you to create live races on bikes, skis or even foot with your friends. Here you can even track your friends progress. The application uses Google Maps API for this. TuneWiki is another social networking application and with this the user can share with his friends the music on his cell phone. Both audio and video is available along with the lyrics of the song that comes along with the music. Social events in the users life can be synchronized by the use of the Wertago which rates the current top entertainment spots in your city.

Life 360 is one among the top Android Apps and is also a social networking application. Here the user can get complete information regarding his residing locality and the events going on there. He can even get updates and alerts during any period of crisis in his neighborhood. With the use of the GoCart Application, the user can make informed decisions regarding any shopping he has to do. He can scan barcodes to know the different prices. This application makes use of the Android built-in camera which is GPS enabled.

The Android GPS is used to create Ecorio which helps you to track the amount of carbon you are leaving behind while travelling in your camera. The Compare Everywhere is ranked the tenth among the top ten Android Apps and it enables the user to compare the prices of different products at various retail outlets along with quality comparison.

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