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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Advantages of Having a Vehicle Tracking System

By Sherry Smithson

Once a luxury option, vehicle tracking systems now come standard in many cars and SUVs, with buyers having the option to upgrade a system with additional capabilities. Depending on the system you choose, the price of your vehicle could raise by a few thousand dollars, although better deals can be found through vehicle enhancement shops that feature more options than car manufacturers. If you've been thinking about implementing a vehicle tracking system, price is one consideration. But there are also some obvious benefits-some practical and others pleasantly accommodating-that come with having a vehicle tracking system, four of which we list below.

1. No More Hassling With Paper Maps

Some people still prefer reading a paper map but for drivers who like the convenience of having directions read aloud to them while they are traveling, nothing can compare to a vehicle tracking system. During their initial stages, GPS systems suffered glitches requesting that drivers make incorrect turns but have come a long way since their original release. GPS systems that are available today have been perfected to where the system completely removes the necessity for reading a printed map.

2. Helps Recover Stolen Vehicles

Comparable to how satellites can expose the location of "chipped" pets that have run away and are lost, GPS tracking systems enable your vehicle to be located and tracked. This is especially useful in the event that your vehicle has been stolen. For example, if the car thief isn't technologically savvy enough to remove the built in vehicle tracking system, your car's location can be pinpointed and recovered.

3. Eliminates the Stressors of Learning About an Unfamiliar Area

If you're traveling in unfamiliar territory, having a well-equipped tracking system can apprise you of entertainment and restaurant options in the vicinity of where you travel, as well as the locations of doctor offices, hospitals, and police stations in the event of emergencies. Valuable for business trips and vacations alike, a system that lets you tap into a new area by satellite can bring some of the conveniences of home to long distance travel.

4. Makes it Effortless to Stay Away From Traffic Jams

A variety of systems are equipped to attain live traffic information regarding your predicted driving route. This is convenient because instead of having to listen to programming in order to access traffic information, traffic details are provided immediately. If issues present themselves, the vehicle tracking system can modify your travel plans by adjusting the route to avoid traffic.

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