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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

By Travis Stephenson

Mobile computing is growing by leaps and bounds! From those very first clunky laptops to current smart phones that put those clunky laptops to shame...it's amazing just how far mobile computing has come. With evolving technologies and a fiercely competitive marketplace, we aren't likely to see a halt in this area anytime soon. Besides, as with most technologies, there are also trends that evolve along with the devices and apps.

We can start taking a look at these trends by looking at the apps craze. Apps are basically an essential for any mobile device these days. Apps allow the consumer to not only totally personalize their mobile computing experience, but also because each app seems to have its own way of working with the device to create a truly superior mobile experience. From discount calculators to mini-versions of your favorite arcade games, there is an app for everyone!

Because of the popularity of and demand for apps, one trend in the development of mobile technologies is app improvement. While there are many apps that cater to business people and even athletes (these are apps such as weight loss calculators, calorie burner apps and so on) recreational games seem to be the most popular type of app.

Because of this, many of the game so you'll find for iPhones and Droids have stunning graphics and great control. Still, the majority of these games have been simply reformatted from an older PC version of themselves and leave much to be desired on new interfaces.

While trends in mobile computing tend to come and go, these are a few that have remained the same for as long as mobile computing has been around. While it would be impossible to please all consumers all the time, the manufacturers behind most mobile technologies are certainly trying their best.

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