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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is Apple Too Restricted?

By Alex Speirs

Apple has been around since the late 1970's and is, as we know, a very successful company. Both its name and logo have become a household name and anyone from today's young generation knows it instantly as the maker of iPods, iPhones and iPads. Most of us love the iProducts but Apple is not without its harsh critics who berate the company for its so called "restrictiveness". So will Apple's restrictiveness hurt it in the long run?

When it comes to its iPhone, it is true to say that Apple does have a very strict developer policy, for example, their apps they have to be made with Apple- approved languages. Of course Apple has every right to have rules surrounding Apps development under the Apple branding but some critics say that these rules are so stringent that there is not enough room for developer innovation and there is way too much 'censorship'. They did announce an ease on restrictions on apps late in 2010 but some say the rules are still unclear and that even Apple doesn't know what it wants in its store. Others blog that all this pre-testing makes for slow additions to its store. Apple's response to its criticism is that it requires developer policy to maintain its high level of quality of apps in its store.

Apple fans and consumers say Apple is justified in its policies and means they have confidence in the apps they buy. Apple's own Apps store is predicted to boast up to a half million Apps in 2011, which is fantastic. Protection and high levels of quality assurance aside, some writers blog that the restrictions will hurt the iPhone because innovation at important levels can and are being inhibited. The Apple iPhone was outsold by Google Inc.'s Android in 2010 but Apple's profits remain incredible so financially they don't seem to be adversely affected. Check out Apple's latest deal with Verizon too - that's one to watch.

Critics also say that it is not just developers who have difficulties relating to Apple but that publishers find Apple equally difficult to work with compared with other brands. All agree that Apple could loosen up a little on all of its many rules. Maybe its deal with Verizon is Apple beginning to do that very thing? In spite of the critique about lack of innovation, many critics and consumers alike are eagerly awaiting the iPad 2, this coming April. Let the consumer be the judge.

Love it or don't. Too restrictive? Perhaps. Whether its restrictiveness will hurt in the long run, time will tell. Personally, I think not. There will always be room for Apple and Apple products and Apple are doing very nicely profit-wise, in case you hadn't noticed. The mobile marketing industry keeps a very close eye on where Apple is going with its products and what come next, as it is of vital importance to know what is trending and what its target audience is buying at all times. It is all very exciting for the mobile marketing industry.

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