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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch Stalkers Red Handed With A Reverse Phone Number Lookup

By Adrienne Gunther

Performing a reverse lookup phone number through the Internet is simple and most of the time is low-cost or free with various companies that allow individuals to use their technology to find out who has called them without leaving a message or their return phone number.

In some cases, more information than the phone number is needed in order to give all the data of the reverse lookup to the individual who was called with only a phone number. Sometimes a zip code is also needed so that the reverse lookup website can make sure the person looking for the caller's identity is serious about the forthcoming data. It is not that hard to find a person's zip code based on the person's telephone number because the telephones area code is usually connected to a certain zip code. The reverse look up is pretty simple and it is typically a matter of placing the telephone number in a box on the computer screen and pressing the submit button.

An area of the country such as Manhattan, New York or Austin, Texas might be what comes back in a reverse lookup online system if an individual has blocked their number from being viewed. The area of the country is all one would be able to see however there maybe other online lookup phone number reverse companies that could provide the rest of the information for whomever called you.

Some companies online give a reverse phone number lookup option for a small fee and they will show you all you need or wish to know about who has called you. For example, if you put the phone number in the search box and click okay, there pops up a box for your information such as name, address and credit card information to pay for the privilege of obtaining the callers identification. When you have entered your payment data, the computer allows you to check out the area which you could view the name and address of the person who made the phone call to your phone.

Cell phones can be a quite different in that the name of the owner may be permanently blocked from view when trying to look up a reverse phone number. This is a section of a federal law and has been challenged by many businesses and creditors across the country because they are wanting to reach those individuals that either tend not to answer their landline phones or just have a cell phone. This is not the situation with every cellphone providers and cellphone users, just some.

The key reason why people want a reverse look up for phone numbers is really because they have missed a call and there's no information on their caller ID either on their cell phone or landline phone.

If an individual is experiencing a lot of unknown calls or hang-up calls when they answer and there is no name along with the phone number, they could be getting harassed or stalked and being able to lookup the phone number via reverse would be very helpful to the police and other law enforcement officials that could help stop the crime.

Performing a reverse number lookup on the web is quick and easy and will help to find out who's calling you if you missed a call or they just hung up after you answered.

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