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Saturday, January 28, 2012

North Star Alarm

By Yvonne Brixey

North Star Alarm. What I wonderful sense of security from a dangerous and scary world. Alarm services can be expensive... and I mean very very expensive. But not North Star Alarm. Where you have to sign your soul away as you sign their contract they have written up. These contracts are filled with small print and a countless amount of hidden fees and catches. I have heard many complaints about unseen fees and expenses that have come along with signing the contract. North Star Alarm is a company that is well known and spoken well of. There are no hidden fees in the contract.

Many alarm systems dealers aren't very good with their customer service. North Star Alarm is different. I have seen times where the tech has put in the security system in wrong and it took several days or weeks for someone to come by and fix the techs mistake. North Star Alarm doesn't do that, and if the tech did something wrong, North Star Alarm will cover the cost of whatever it was. The services here are amazing and you won't have to worry about us not responding to your complaints and making things right.

North Star Alarm is very similar to your regular burglar alarm systems. It has the basic door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors and so on. These pieces of equipment with their system are very good and will keep you safe from any burglar who might try to break in. Not only does North Star Alarm have these pieces of equipment to keep out unwanted guests, but North Star Alarm has panic buttons for medical services and fire alarms connected with your alarm system to notify the fire department.

With North Star Alarm one can feel a sense of security from their service. The customer can really feel like they will be protected from unseen attacks or accidents. The contracts that you sign at North Star Alarm are clear and straight forward. The customer has no need to worry about getting charged with added fees or unexpected bills. If you are ever in need of assistance, North Star will be there to help you out.

I use to install security systems for a company. Unlike North Star Alarm there were many complaints that I heard every day from the customer I was helping. More than once did I have to correct something that an employee (the salesman) lied about the security system and the equipment involved. The service was just awful, if you were a customer who needed help, you were put on a huge waiting list and would have to wait your turn. North Star Alarm is a lot better in response to your needs and complaints. Other alarm services will have a hard time competing with such a great security company with such great customer service.

When comparing two, three or four security companies side by side. You will see that not only does North Star Alarm have superior customer service but also better contract pricing and over all security coverage. If you decide to go with North Star Alarm, you will not be disappointed in your decision to do so. You will have a house with great security and a company who will always help out.

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