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Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Get More Tumblr Followers Easily

By Ariel Tumble

The social networking platform called Tumblr is a mini-blogging platform that has built an incredibly popular network over the last four years. Tumblr makes micro-blogging simple and probably one of the main reasons it h as become so popular is that it is unbelievably simple to use. Posting videos, making social commentaries or just making friends is easy on this network and to get more Tumblr followers is just a simple as posting to this social networking community.

You can add to your friends and followers simply by liking other people. While this works in life and we all try and like and be like, Tumblr boils it down to the basics. Luckily for the person new to Tumblr there are plenty of blogs to like and worthwhile posts to comment on. By commenting, re-posting and following, the person new to this micro-blogging community can increase their own popularity.

Another factor to help gain Tumblarity is to continue to add to your micro-blog every day and respond to those who comment on your posts. Adding posts of videos that are boring won't help gain friends and likes. However, if you add interesting posts or music or even just witty comments on a regular basis it will help your popularity.

Now if you just joined this popular social network don't despair because no one likes you yet, it can happen fast. All you have to do is jump on the follow me train, an expression for a post meant to get more followers and you are certain to increase in Tumblarity quickly. Everyone wins because if you like them, they are likely to like you back especially if you happen to have something interesting to say.

Community sites are all about people interacting with other people so a photo on your min-blog and a complete personal profile is certain to help your popularity. People want to know something about the other people in the community and the more interesting you are the more likely they are to want to get to know you. Interesting posts and videos are a great way to keep your friends interested and increase your following.

Notice the most popular microblogs on this site seem willing to invest the time to post interesting content, music or videos several times a day. These ultra popular sites comment on other's posts and participate in community activities and that is how they get more Tumblr followers, and a good part of why they are popular. While most bloggers start with few friends it doesn't take long to grow the numbers if you are social.

People are spending more of their online time at member driven sites interacting with others. The social networking concept has become so very popular that it is now mentioned regularly in advertising, news casts, and even in popular novels. To get more Tumblr followers is usually as easy as getting out there in the community and participating.

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