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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How To Find The Best High Internet Speed Before Purchasing

By John Petticoat

Largely there will be many different factors to choose from. Just Make sure you arent a super charged bargain hunter on steroids, you really need to look at the information provided to make a educated decision. Also make sure you check out the internet providers references.

Internet availability is a concern to a lot of people out in the country regions. Like if you live in Alaska or way out in the corn fields Kansas you might only have one or two choices. And with that being said city slickers will have a lot more choices to pick from.

1. Buy only what you need, or just a little more than that.

Depending on what kind of medium you are using, you might experience a drop in speed. You should first ask around to see how much speed you need, you teenager will probably know round about what you need, or you can find sites that will show you an example of how fast a document uploads and or downloads and form there you can make a decision about how much internet speed you would like to have. If you cant afford it then dont buy more then you need, but for big movie buffs and photographers you will probably need a the highest speed if you are impatience.

2. Look at the service bundles of multiple internet service providers.

So, how much speed to you need, after you know that you can go an CSI the service bundles and pick them apart like a pack of hungry wolves would do. When you look at the service bundles you may want to compare the present VOIPS, that is the voice over internet protocols to the local phone providers.

3. How positively satisfied are your friends and neighbors with their service providers?

With today's world and the internet you can easily find out the companies reputation. You need to ask your self if the customers are really happy with their internet service provider. So just go out to face book and ask around or twitter. I am only saying this because theres no better time to find out than now before they lock you up in a long term contract if applicable.

Here is a little guide to the different mediums you could choose from:

The infamous satellite connections with that god awful dish, here you need to bear in mind that satellite dish connections are affected by geography, weather, and cloud cover. Digital service line or a DSL connection here you can get a DSL hook-up for the same price you would pay for a old fashion dial-up service. Fiber optics or glass as some people call it is available to the larger cities and it is the fastest medium there is but it comes along with a price tag. And lastly, you can choose from a cable connection, this will slow down when many people are using it in the same neighborhood, and this is where an DSL connection offers better consistency.

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