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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Family Is One of Nature's Masterpieces Homeownership the North American Dream

By Kimberley Joy Kelly

George Santayana's famous quote states that, "the family is one of nature's masterpieces." It's every family's need to own a house. That is the American Dream. A home provides more than simply a structure and a roof. Home is where memories are created. Homeownership gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment. Buying Vintage Club real estate can be exciting. But , you must do in depth research and be willing to take it slow. It's very vital to have a plan in place to find the best home for you and your folks.

Get Pre-Approved

Your first step towards homeownership is to get pre-approved for your mortgage by a bank. Get the required documents together to submit to the loan officer. The documents that are often required include:

- 2 months up to date bank statements
- At least 2 most recent paystubs
- Proof of hire payments made during the last year
- A catalogue of your monthly costs

A pro loan officer will look at your earnings and monthly costs to calculate the amount you qualify to borrow. This could tell you the price range of the houses you can afford to buy. It's advisable to get rather more than one quote. Compare the rates and the closing costs of different loan packages.

Find an Agent

Decide what geographical area you would like to live in. This is significant because your real estate agent should be local to that area. An agent who knows the area will be well placed to help you far better. They're going to know about the colleges, shopping, parks, transportation and much more about the area which will help you to find the right house.

Analyze the Area

Do a bit of research of your own. When purchasing a home it is smart to bear in mind you are creating a position in a neighborhood. You want to ensure that this neighborhood is going to suit your future wishes not only your current ones. A bachelor may not need to live over the road from a junior school. While a pair looking to start a family soon will wish to live in a child-friendly neighborhood. These are some other considerations to investigate:

- Where is the closest top quality college?
- What types of public transportation can be found in the area?
- How safe is the area? Are crimes rates high? Is the area inhabited by sex offenders?
- Is there noise pollution during certain hours,eg noise from an airport or freeway?
- How accessible are the area amenities from this area?

Speak to the neighbors and get info about the safeness of the area. You may find geographical info and statistics online about crime rates, education, shopping and more. Be sure to visit the neighborhood at night, a weekend night if at all possible. You'd be shocked how different things can be in the dark.

Find the Most Suitable Home

Work side by side with your real estate agent. Confirm your agent knows the kind of home you are looking for. Share your thoughts about conveniences you would like, and your must-have ideas. Be as explicit as your are able to. Your agent will do their best to find just the right home for you. Communicating with your agent about your wishes can help you to get the best home for your requirements.

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