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Monday, September 20, 2010

Use Internet To Steal Young Room Mates This October

By Jonathan Brewer

What sort of roommate you want is the first thing to consider. Some people are looking for someone with whom they would like to have a close relationship. Others prefer a more businesslike relationship, and just wish to focus on sharing housing costs. Before you make any appointments to meet potential roommates, know what sort of person you want.

Conduct your interviews in a public location convenient for both parties. You really don't have very much background information about your prospective roommate prior to your initial interview. A cafe, park, or restaurant would be an appropriate public setting for a first meeting. It is unwise to hold this meeting at your house, as you have virtually no idea who this person truly is.

Question them about how they prefer to pay bills, in what manner will they wish to divide them. Perhaps you want to depending on the size of your room, those with a larger room can pay more, or perhaps you would rather just divide the bills by half. Will you be buying your separate food or go in together for the groceries. If one of you doesn't eat at home often the better idea may be to buy your own groceries instead of paying half for food you rarely eat.

Discuss their financial situation, you should also inquire about any criminal history they may have. If they currently have a job you need to discover how secure that job is and if they were to lose it would they be able to cover their bills for a reasonable amount of time. It is obvious why you need to discover if they have a criminal history or not, if they do it is up to you if you wish to give them a chance and trust them or not.

Learn what you can about your potential roommates lifestyle. Find out whether they like to have a lot of company at the house. Find out if they are a heavier partier, and if they indulge in drugs or alcohol. Since you will be sharing places where you will be bringing friends and boyfriends or girlfriends, the answers to those questions will need to be ones that work for you.

What type of hours does this person keep? Ask about whether they will be staying up late, or leaving at the crack of dawn. Will their late night arrival disturb your sleep? Maybe you will be entertaining guests or preparing your breakfast when they are asleep.

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