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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smartphone Friendly Websites: Why You Need To Be Ready For This

By Derrick Campbell

The use of Smartphones is on the rise. And sadly plenty of businesses are paying no interest to this increase.

Recently, a leading research company reported that in 3-4 years, mobile customers will be higher in number as compared to laptops or computers. Although cellular users certainly involve more than simply Smartphones, this outlines the significance of making your site mobile ready.

The reality is, you can't focus on Smartphone browsers like normal internet users. Since the screens are small compared to laptops, you must make your website smaller to accommodate them. If you don't, the smaller display will force the cellular people to continually scroll up or down to look at anything.

A lot of people will not be inclined to do this, and can just click away. Therefore, not having a more compact edition of your website can cost you product sales.

Should you have two distinct pages because of this? You might do this choice, but you would have to get two individual webpages ranking in the major search engines. That is almost impossible, so isn't a choice.

Another way is to have a clickable link on your main web site that would go to your cellular page. However, this will probably reduce conversion rates because a number of men and women are not likely to click through.

Therefore, the best strategy is to utilize user agent detection. This is the system that discovers what browser the visitor is using, and adjusts the webpage accordingly.

This means the site will automatically alter the proportions of the website depending on the browser of the visitor. This is how your ability to focus on Smartphone users can truly take off.

What about your current web page content?

Now that you understand how to change your measurements, you 'must' have high quality content material. The most important thing needed is simplicity. This is the way to target mobile customers successfully. Here are three ways to make it more easy:

#1) Have the identical navigation on every page

This is very important, due to the fact if there is different navigation the consumer will become irritated and leave.

#2) Place the navigation lower on the web page

Any time it is at the very top, it often forces Smartphone people to have to toggle down to see the page. This is very annoying and a certain method to lower your sales.

#3) Restrict the usage of artwork

This is another way to help the ease. You most likely want to avoid one of those irritating opening flash pages that appears before the main page.

Therefore the main method to target Smartphone users successfully is to have different proportions for your mobile users, and keep the webpages simple. This is the way to cater to the growing mobile market.

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