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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Newly Released Samsung Captivate

By Brian Tachunga

The newly released Samsung Captivate is one of the most technologically advanced smart phones on the market, and a brilliant offering by the technology giant. The Samsung Captivate comes with a number of must have features to satisfy even the most demanding smart phone consumer, and is certain to to be in demand for quite some time. This new smart phone doesnt just have a 4 inch screen with a super AMOLED display and a camera capable of taking either 5 megapixel photographs or shooting high definition video, it also supports a number of accessories.

You can find quite a lot of Samsung Captivate accessories such as screen protectors, protective cases and headsets can help you make the most of your purchase. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Samsung Captivate that seems to catch the eye of possible consumers is the brilliant 4 inch display. And even if the Captivate does not have the most pixels of any smart phone on the market, it does offer several energy saving features, which enable you to use your Captivate for longer while owners of other smart phones constantly search for car adapters and power outlets.

To keep the brilliant display from becoming scratched, you can keep it looking new by investing on one of the several Samsung Captivate screen protectors that are sold by online vendor or in electronics and department stores. When you purchase a smart phone, you can to make sure it works for you, and not the other way around. It's not much of an enjoyable thing when your brand new phone gets scratched or dented because you accidentally threw it in your pocket with your car keys in a moment of carelessness, or dropped it rushing to get to work on time.

It only takes a moment to leave a dent that lasts forever. That's why you should also consider one of the many Samsung Captivate protective cases, which are designed to maximize the protection of your phone without reducing your abilities to use all of the features of the phone. And when you have a Captivate, you won't be able to help using it and taking it everywhere with you. It's one of the lightest smart phones on the market, weighing a paltry four and a half ounces and measuring not much more than a third of an inch in thickness.

Besides the four inch display, which offers multi-touch and virtual keyboarding capabilities, one of the most notable features of the newly released Samsung Captivate is the five megapixel camera it comes with. It's not just a great camera for taking great quality pictures, but you can even record videos from it, being your own amature film maker. Picture yourself capturing your child's first steps with a high definition camera. A few years ago, that would have cost thousands of dollars in equipment, and you would have had no guarantees of being able to get the camera out of the box and onto the tripod in time. With the Samsung Captivate's camera, it's now possible. Never miss a moment.

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