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Friday, September 10, 2010

Do You Use All The Features Of Your Telephone Systems?

By John Kirzno

Many people have so many features on their Telephone Systems that they forget to make the most of these features. Depending on your carrier, you are probably paying for these features and therefore, need to learn how to use them. Many people become overwhelmed with the many features and stick to the basics, when the advanced features could in fact save them a tremendous amount of time.

If you have voicemail features, have you set up your personalized voicemail greeting and are you using your voicemail? If you are unsure how to set up your voicemail, call your provider and ask them to walk you through it. You can benefit from using voicemail because family and friends can leave you messages when you miss their calls. This is an invaluable tool and should be used to its fullest because what if you are waiting on an important call on your landline and you have to leave? Voicemail allows the caller to leave a message and then you can retrieve by calling your voicemail when you return home.

Do you make use of call waiting? This is when you are on the phone with someone else, and another call calls you. Normally, you just press the end button on your phone and it switches to the other caller, and then hit the end button again to go back to your original caller. If you are on the phone a lot, call waiting is another Telephone Systems feature you will want to begin using.
Do you have caller ID but do not have a phone that can show you who it calling? It may be time to purchase a new phone that will display who is calling. You can set up your contacts so that you know who is calling, perhaps you do not feel like talking at the time they call, because you are expecting an important call. They can leave a voice message and you can call them back later.

Perhaps your phone providers offers rings lists, are you using them? This means you can set up a ring specifically for certain callers. If your mother calls you often, you can set up a ring that will allow you to know who it is before you ever look at the caller ID.

Final Thoughts
Today, Telephone Systems are highly advanced and the features that are included are for your benefit, but if you do not take advantage of them, you are missing features that could be very useful to you. If you are unsure how to set up anything, call your landline provider because they can walk you through setting up the various features you have on your phone and plan.

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