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Monday, September 20, 2010

Advertise To Grab New Room Mates This October

By Oscar Barrett

In these hard economic times, many people who previously lived alone are now seeking roommates to split their costs. Screening potential roommate candidates is vital to selecting the right roommate for you, if you have made the decision to seek someone to live with to offset the considerable cost of living alone. A thorough screening of the potential roommate is critical to ensure that you can trust the individual you will be sharing your home and property with. You will only want to move someone in to your home that you feel that you can trust.

In order to really make sure your prospective roommate is trustworthy, the one thing you will want to do is to have a background check performed on them. Due to the fact that evicting a person from your home once they have moved in is often hard, you will want to wait for the background check results before agreeing to letting that person move in. Waiting for the results of the background investigation is a good way to make sure you are protected, and let them know your decision on whether to let them move in only after you have thoroughly reviewed all of the information you received.

Court records are open to the public so an adequate back ground check can be performed with only a little information on the person. Usually only the person's full name and date of birth are needed. Court documents can provide information about any criminal activity as well as any civil lawsuits in which the person may be involved. You can also perform a credit check on your prospective roommate in order to feel truly confident tht there will be no problems in collecting their rent monthly.

Protect yourself from potentially living with a criminal by conducting a thorough, detailed search; since sharing a living space is very important, you have a right to the best roommate possible.

Always use your gut feeling on choosing your next roommate.Safety is a must when letting someone you dont know live with you.Good luck and have fun meeting someone new.

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