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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Take A Company Public - S1 Filing - Powerful Investor Relations - Globalization Strategies

By James Scott

For those of you who have reached the point in your company's evolution where it's time to take your company public there is often a lot of confusion centering around the services that a corporation needs in order to go public at a solid price, hold it's position and grow steadily.

The solution is to bring on a consulting firm steeped in a solid history of creating solid corporate foundations so that building on that foundation is simple and streamlined. Below is what you can expect to pay and the services you'll need for a solid public offering on an exchange like the OTCBB that will help your company eventually qualify for the NASDAQ.

Of course there are many consulting firms out there who will do reverse mergers into public shells or charge $400k+ for the process of going public but the truth is, your company can get a premium grade public offering solutions without having to pay even remotely close to that much.

For a solid, top tier consulting firm to come into your company and provide everything from A to Z, the below is what you can expect to get and pay from reputable consulting sources.

For a full turnkey solution, the costs involved and solutions provided would look something like this: 1. Retainer ($25k to $35k)+ equity distribution 2. Business plan and Private Placement Memorandum authoring 3. Company Valuation by top tier analyst 4. Board of directors selection and evaluation 5. Advisory board selection and evaluation 6. C level executive evaluation and recruitment initiation (if needed) 7. Strategic Alliance search and facilitation 8. First round of funding offered to our investor network (and your investor contacts) 9. PCAOB audit 10. $50k fee from proceeds raised paid to Consultant 11. S1 filed by PCS legal team through SEC comments stage to SEC approval 12. Market Maker attachment, 15c211 filing with FINRA and final payment of $50k is made to Consultant from capital raised 13. Trading symbol issued to company by FINRA 14. Company is up and trading on OTCBB 15. Consultant brings in first phase Investor Relations strategies to create market and trading volume activity 16. National Public Relations strategy begins by having C level executives placed on top tier radio and TV programs as Expert Panel participants for industry 17. Ongoing acquisitions identification, corporate expansion strategies and Investor Relations consulting by Consultant to assist company with growth.

You don't need to overpay for a service as intricate as going public. Just find a turn-key consultant who understands your company and what you're trying to achieve and take it from there.

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