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Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPhone 4 Review

By Mark Walters

As you take a look at the new iPhone 4, you will first see that the innovative new 3.5" screen looks much sharper, thanks to the 'Retina' IPS LCD display new to this model of Apple's smartphone. Each inch carries 326 pixels, and its display resolution is 960 by 440 pixels, meaning that it beats any other smartphone you can find out there. The practical benefit is that it is now much easier and much more enjoyable to take in images and text.

Due to the longer battery life, you will no longer have to be irritated by the low battery alert all day - compared to the iPhone 3G, this battery lasts 40% longer, and can last up to 300 hours in standby mode. Both the iPhone 4 and the iPad share the same processor, so you know it is powerful. With the help of this powerful core, you will have the fastest smartphone on the market.

The former iPhone OS 4.0 has made way for the iOS 4, and you now have the ability to multitask. Checking email while still listening to your tunes is no problem. Apple states that users are certain to be pleased with the 1500 features that have been enhanced in the new operating system. Amongst other things, with the new OS you can now create iTunes folders and read iBooks.

In response to negative user feedback, Apple has addressed the dissatisfaction voiced by customers with the inferior camera quality in their previous iPhones. The newly marketed iPhone 4 is now fully capable of recording video in HD at 720p with its 5.0 megapixel camera. With its inclusion of "Face Time" the iPhone 4 is currently the only smartphone capable of handling video calls.

The price of the iPhone 4 is not a huge sting either. The standard promotional price being offered is around $200 US, if the user opts into a two year service contract with the provider. Of course, prices vary from provider to provider, as well as between brick and mortar stores and online. If you are seriously considering investing in the iPhone, take a few moments to browse online for legitimate and money saving deals. Brick and mortar stores often take advantage of the 'gotta have it' mentality once a consumer test-drives the item in the store.

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