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Monday, October 31, 2011

Samsung UN55D8000 Review - A 360 Degrees Review

By Joe Maldonado

The Samsung UN55D8000 is a 55 inch HDTV with LED technology. The TV has an ultra thin design with support for 1080p HD and 240 Hz motion plus. Despite the fact that it is a 3D TV, it is also capable of providing excellent display for 2D videos. Let us go through the Samsung UN55D8000 review in more details.

3D features:

Since the TV is a 3D TV, let us begin with the 3D feature of this ultra thin TV. The Samsung UN55D8000 is capable of producing some excellent 3D effects when a three dimensional Blu Ray Disc is played. The Samsung UN55D8000 comes bundled with a feature which allows converting any two dimensional (2D) video into three dimensional (3D) video. However, the overall performance of this feature was not up to the mark. The result was not really satisfactory on various scene. The TV comes with a couple of pairs of 3D glasses. Yet another problem that was found was the uniformity of the screen which created some hiccups in display under low light conditions.

Design and ergonomics:

There is no doubt that the design of the TV is a treat for the eyes. It is sleek and nicely designed. The all black body of the TV nicely complements the screen. The pedestal of the TV is shiny with four fingers spreading out in four directions creating v shape in either side give nice stability. The bezel is very thin which provide more emphasis on the picture on screen. The frame seems to be non-existent which increases the style of the TV.

Quality of the picture:

There will be hardly any one saying that the picture quality is bad. The Samsung LED TVs are known for their picture quality and the Samsung UN55D8000 with its full HD 1080p resolution and 240 Hz motion plus feature provides a treat. The color quality and details of the TV are accurate and the micro dimming technology capable of delivering deep black levels makes it even more special compared to LED TVs from other manufacturers.

Internet TV:

Those who eat, drink, talk, sleep and think internet, the TV is just a special one for them. The TV comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi connection which allows the viewers to enjoy a wide range of internet based applications like YouTube videos, Netflix, sport, social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Viewers can also connect to the internet through a cable using the broadband service.

Remote control:

The remote control of the TV is a dual side remote with a QWERTY keyboard on one side and standard remote functions on the other side. The side with the keyboard is meant for using while using the internet. There is a small screen on the keyboard side of the remote. The screen displays everything that is typed using the keyboard.


The Samsung UN55D8000 comes with component and composite video ports, Ethernet jack internet connectivity, 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, one PC input (D-sub 15) and built-in Wi-Fi.

Verdict: The TV has excellent features but there are some minor issues with 3D features. Also, the TV is quite pricey and everyone may not be able to afford it.

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