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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Low Cost But Dull Sound - RF Wireless Headphones Review

By Kaylee Hall

I could not believe my ears at first, so I went back and forth putting it on. Sound canceling or not it does not matter because you cannot hear others with them on anyway. Otherwise,these headphones are definetely worth a try but for the price, you cannot go wrong! If you are looking to get headphones with great overall sound, they are great.

I'm able to say aside from the PSP's volume limitations these headphones proved well through peril. The sound ranges are not high, and the sound isn't contained.

Both are nice and sound fantastic however I do like the Koss headphones better. I noticed at seven months that one felt free and found it had been halfway damaged. Fit snugly and comfy, sound production is excellent (I am no audiophile so I believe its great), and also you can't beat the cost. They're also very lightweight, so once again putting them on for long amounts of time is really easy. Not an ideal headphones overall but certainly top quality sound based on the noise cancelling headphones review. They are truly comfy and the quality of sound is excellent.

It is good product for this money. Well they sound tinny and weak. Furthermore they have fantastic sound, andthe fit and sturdiness is impeccable. It is like something is going on behind you. For me it doesn't truly make a difference, as I'm going to be using them at home, however for others this may be something to consider. Also used the rf wireless headphones for airplane rides and they stop most of the sound.

The ear items are comfortable and soft and can be worn all night easily however I cannot see the skinny cheap vinyl materials that covers them lasting too long with regular use (This really is disclosed on the packaging which means you truly cant blame Sony for this).

These dull the sound of jackhammers to a tolerable degree, are comfy, have a cord of sufficient length to move around my workplace and have sound quality that's all right for somebody who's not an audiophile. I really like the general quality of sound and the noise cancellation. I search for a while for a good set of reasonably priced headphones. Koss UR-20 Home HeadphonesSony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphones it's great for it's cost. More often than not I've found myself only using it for an hour at any given time.

Maybe it is not as good as my 20,000 - 36,000 hz home entertainment, nevertheless its an enormous enhancement over what I was using.

The cord has held up completely. The Sennheiser headphones fit so noticeably close to the ear so as to put slight pressure on the ear that I can already tell that they'll be uncomfortable during my longer listening sessions. They're right, he loved them! The ear cushions feel comfortable, regardless of the relatively large size according to a noise cancelling headphones review. Durable and comfy construction.

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