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Sunday, October 23, 2011

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900: A Full Review Of The Key Functions

By Darren Merton

It really has been a long time coming, BlackBerry's touchscreen technology Bold 9900 cell phone handset. Even though the BlackBerry Torch featured both a touch screen as well as QWERTY key-board, this isn't perfect for keyboard aficionados; the irritating trimming, the cramped pc style keyboard even though the touchscreen was great to own, writing became a small problem.

However, with this release of this BlackBerry Bold Touch, the first suitable type/touch hybrid, has Blackberry mobile phones finally managed it? RIM have made a bit of a song and dance with regard to the completely new phones looks; it's actually a honest shout. Together with aluminium highlights it has a pleasant, solid feel regarding it, as well as the weaved glass back panel is incredibly distinct and light-weight also.

It's very great to pick up a BlackBerry and it not be a little over sized. This Bold Touch 9900 is definitely RIM's slimmest mobile phone handset to date, and if you are a regular BlackBerry consumer you can expect to really spot the big difference. This mobile will be rocking several keys around the side of the actual smartphone, such as media settings as well as the digital camera shutter key. In the top panel, the actual touch switches around the trackpad include menu, back, phone and end.

Your back area is amazingly smart-looking, and even comes off and away to reveal your small, light-weight battery - that's removable, irrespective of rumours that Rim may possibly choose a permanent battery power. Although all of us love the design and style and feel of that back plate, we can't help but worry it could be a little delicate; we would be skeptical of taking it off and exchanging it many occasions except if it will become loose and eventually get lost.

Looking at the screen the only point is, 2.8 inches is actually a tiny bit too compact that will work as a touch-screen all the time; we didn't come across any major problems such as tapping the incorrect symbols, yet we did need to make extra effort to be able to aim the fingers compared with how we do on the Torch with its bigger display. In addition we once in a while experienced complications swiping amongst screens in which the smartphone was a little slow-moving to respond, so we would end up swiping once again and missing the display screen I truly sought.

Nonetheless touchscreen fears could possibly be seen as a minor issue, provided that you still have your track pad in addition to a complete QWERTY to enjoy. With regards to essentially displaying items, this screen is actually eye-catching; the super-sauce GPU together with crisp and clean display screen resolution really get into their own.

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