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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hosted PBX Is a Great Tool for Your Business to Save Money

By Yvonne Brixey

Hosted PBX is a tool for your business to cut costs and operate better. Using hosted PBX has the potential to cut costs associated with phone service for your business, while at the same time making it easier to use your phone system.

Hosted PBX operates with VOIP technology, meaning that the phone system operates through the internet. The difference between basic VOIP and hosted PBX is that a hosted PBX system is run through a separate business, versus having an on site PBX and VOIP equipment. Hosted PBX is less expensive and means that your business will not need a tech team to manage the phone systems using VOIP.

When you switch from traditional phone service to hosted PBX your business will save money. Hosted PBX costs less and has a better value, with the business VOIP features and other hosted PBX system features.

There are several ways that hosted PBX will benefit your business.

1. A hosted PBX system comes with tech support that can be used remotely to troubleshoot for your phone system. This also means that with hosted PBX VOIP your business will not need a tech support team for the phone system. Hosted PBX also allows employees to work remotely while using the business VOIP phone service and number. The hosted PBX connects everything.

2. The location flexible features of hosted PBX allow your business to use only the needed facilities. This aspect of hosted PBX will help your business streamline and cut costs outside of the phone systems costs. The virtual PBX services available with hosted PBX make this possible.

3. The hosted PBX phone system is not impacted by distance, meaning high phone call quality regardless of the locations of the callers. This makes hosted PBX an ideal phone system in a globalized business environment. Your hosted PBX will support the phone systems in all of your business offices. All of the key systems are connected with hosted PBX.

4. With hosted PBX you can use a local phone number for any geographic location, meaning that you can locally call an area without needing a business facility there.

5. Hosted PBX systems have many features and services that can be added to the basic business VOIP services. The virtual PBX services are one of the best parts of hosted PBX. One of the hosted PBX features is automatic call distribution. The hosted PBX will distribute calls to phone lines giving the shortest call time possible for the hosted PBX system. This aspect of hosted PBX keeps customers happy and employees busy.

6. With hosted PBX you can have simultaneous phone calls on the same system. This aspect of hosted PBX overcomes the issue of a busy phone line for traditional phone systems.

7. A virtual PBX service that comes with hosted PBX allows the phone system to forward voice mails to email accounts, meaning that your business communications will all be streamlined.

8. With hosted PBX you don't need equipment for your VOIP system. ALl you need is a PBX phone or adapter for each employee. It's easy to switch to hosted PBX.

Hosted PBX can transform the communications and budget of your business. The numerous features offered with hosted PBX can benefit any type of business. Hosted PBX is a great choice for your business. Hosted PBX Is a Wonderful Tool for Your Business to Save Money

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