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Monday, March 7, 2011

Virtual Hosts Up Against Shared Website Hosting

By Susie Strickland

With a large number of hosting options available, those looking to launch their first website will be wondering what to take up. If you are not a very technical person you may find this very challenging. Managed dedicated server hosting, virtual hosting, shared hosting are some of the options that will be open to you. Managed dedicated servers are only viable if you are about to launch a website with massive content and that you expect to generate equally huge amounts of traffic. It will be huge waste of resources to tae up that option. A lot of technical capability and capital are required should you decide to host your website. Your real options are either virtual hosting or shared hosting.

Shared hosting involves several clients sharing the resources of a server amongst themselves. This is the most cost effective business website hosting you can get. This option is most suitable for basic websites that need minimum resources. An important point is to have a host who can guarantee speed, security, backup and storage space for your website. Issues with other websites on the same server can easily affect your website because of the shared server resources. A good hosting provider will closely monitor to minimize risks and also ensure that some sites do not take up all resources on the server.

Virtual hosting is the closest alternative to managed dedicated server hosting. The difference is in the capacity since the dedicated server option will offer greater power and will obviously cost a lot more. This service is the best for those who are looking for more than basics in business web hosting. Hardware is shared in virtual hosting though configuration of the computer is done in such a way that some resources are allocated for your website in an exclusive manner. This guarantees your storage space and speeds since they are exclusively allocated to your website. Constant capacity is one of the main advantages this option has over shared hosting. There will be no need to be concerned about other websites because security will be an individual concern.

Security in virtual hosting is an individual concern unlike shared hosting where it is a shared concern. If another website on the machine is compromised there is very little chance of your website coming under attack. Greater control of your website through root access is another big plus for virtual hosting.

Virtual hosting clearly comes with more benefits when compared to shared hosting. There may however be situations when your business web hosting will not require a lot. Such situations allow for shared hosting though you need to make sure you work with a reliable provider. You can move to virtual hosting when your business grows and in the event you need increased power and capacity you can then move on to managed dedicated server hosting.

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