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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Few Tips To Gain A Person's Trust

By Angelo M. Burns

Meeting new people is a common occurrence for everyone. In certain situations such as business deals or even in new friendships or relationships, it is essential to gain their trust. Obtaining someone's trust is needed in order for a relationship to grow. Here, you will be presented with five key points to gaining trust.

Always assume that on the onset, you will be regarded with suspicion. Trust is never given freely, it is earned. Therefore, take it easy when meeting new people, it is only natural that people don't open up the first time you meet them just like you would do to anyone new.

Be honest. You don't have to put all of your personal life on display but at the same time, never lie. Lying is one way to destroy your credibility and usually it is exposed at the most unexpected moments. Save yourself the embarrassment by being honest right from the start.

Take a genuine interest in the other person. When you start conversing make sure you listen to what he or she says and not only keep talking about yourself, like many people do.

Respect their opinion. Not everyone is like us and often times we will disagree in some aspect. When this happens, be respectful and acknowledge your differences in opinion. It is possible to get along with others without having to agree with everything they say.

Everyone has a conversational style, so match their conversational style. Using your words and body, it will help if you can make the other feel at ease by talking the way they do. Mirroring is one way to show how interested you are in them.

When you use the same conversational style as the other person, it makes them feel comfortable and more open. Almost everyone trusts who they are so when you are more like them, they are more likely to trust you.

Remember, the end goal is not gaining a person's trust but making your relationship grow. Once you gain trust, it is important to honor and respect it.

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