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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Considerations When Choosing A Name For Your Blog

By Adrienne Collins

Do not ever settle for something that just "sounds cute and catchy". Create a blog name with words or group of words that are applicable to your interest instead. Sooner than later, it would take you less effort to catch their attention, they will end up like clustered people waiting for their turn. Imagine what I mean?

Here are some great guidelines to consider before choosing a title for your blog.

To start with, think of words that are in relation with your company. Think of other words that reflects your persona. And lastly, think of a word or words that will make it matchless.

What you want to establish to the whole world with your blog is your business. So let them find you. Your business is ongoing, right? Make sure that the name is something that you can maintain constantly.

A good name is a name that evokes your business. There should be phrases that are relevant and interrelated with your business. Also keep in mind that the words or phrases you used as your title are vastly searchable. The heading of the blog should have something to do with the core scheme of what you are dealing.

The quality of the name you chose depends highly on the search engines. The more complicated the words you choose, the more you are playing hide and seek only, to find out that you could no longer get out of where you are hiding.

Think of a key word or key words that can readily be searched in Google. Learn by heart that your name should always be remembered by your niche guests. Ask yourself one good question with one big answer; will they remember my blogs name?

A seemly title is one with 2 to 4 key words that will ultimately seize the major aspects of your business. This will bring out the exact name for your blog which will evidently be easier for visitors and to find when typed.

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