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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Advice To Ensure A Long-Lasting Married Life

By Marcus Moore

It has been reported recently how there are very many marriages ending up in divorce. The latest figures go to prove that up to two million marriages per year are nullified. If only couples would learn what to do to rescue their marriages before they can hit the rocks, so to speak. It is never too late though to start practicing a few tricks to make your marriage work. Top of the list would be how to practice good, healthy conversation or communication with each other. Next would be to romance your mate and again trust is a very good thing in a partnership.

If you can put a finger on what is causing the problems, it is a good way to start solving them. There are some useful ideas which are guaranteed to work in no time at all to turn things around, and you only need to make up your mind to test them.

1. Too many questions that are uncomfortable to your partner are no good. It nurtures a belligerent attitude.

2. Being over suspicious all the time is another area that causes friction. You must have some trust in your partner and just take their explanations as the truth. In this case, you should not be tracing his every movement and tracking his late hours as infidelity.

3. Give your partner unreserved love. You will succeed in this if you can go back and look for something you can love about him. Then practice appreciation by looking for positives and commenting well about them. Do not remain negative all the time; and surely there is something good you used to see in him before.

4. Come on, give him a break. Why don't you start by being nice to him for a change? That will give the signals that you actually value the relationship and are willing to work at it.

Try to add some spice in the marriage and you will reap handsomely when you learn how to rescue the marriage.

When your partner notices how hard you are trying to make it work, it will encourage him to also try harder. This will enhance your unity and warm things up between you.

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