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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Importance Of Selecting Intelligently Your Blog Name

By John B. Caldwell

A blog name is very important because it is the first step for your future clients to find you in internet. However, to be able to do this, you should be creative enough to make it as a package to tell everybody about you and your business. You should make use of your imagination and creativity to design it in such a way that they won't forget it.

Your name should be perfect and to do it you have to consider the following.

A perfect name should be able to project what is the nature of your business. A single glance of your name every visitor should be able to say that they found the right site they are looking for.

It should be able to tell some important aspects of your business such as the type of products you are selling and the types of services you are offering.

The whole idea of your blog should be reflected in your blog title. Your blog title should advertise what you have in your blog or it should be able to give facts and ideas about your business products and projects.

Internet traffic is your greatest obstacle to be in the first ten lists if someone is searching words related to your business. Therefore it is necessary that your name should be composed of words that are easily recognized by the Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

Be ingenious to choose the right words and come up with the best and one of the popular names in the web. Make it to a point that the words you use in your name are likely to be used by your clients when they do internet research.

Avoid using too many words because this will create confusion with the users and trouble them a bit. The ideal name should only consist of 2-4 words and arrange them accordingly to showcase the whole idea of your blog.

The association of you blog with the searched word(s) means that your blog is gaining popularity in the search engines. This is good news for you because this will direct your clients to your website which will help you gain more customers and more advertisements.

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