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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changing Ourselves To Turn Into Better Persons

By Andy Caldwell

Appearances can be deceptive. Something flaunting as new might actually be old. New days are generally spent with the same people. Events happen to you all the time. They may seem new to you, but they might just be repetitions of an old pattern. This world of ours runs in cycles. Hence, names and places change over time but people remain the same. Every human in the world has the same trends of selfishness, greed, cruelty, compassion or kindness. 

The past and the present exist only when compared to the present moment. They are what determine the mainstream of your emotions and your perceptions of the world.

We delude ourselves into thinking we are different because we live in an ultra-modern period of time. But this is completely wrong. As time passes, the era in which people live is subject to change. 

With time, events may change but people's response to them won't. This is because human nature remains fundamentally the same and this reflected in the way people see each other and respond to different situations. 

Plus, the hopes that this world will get kinder have not worn away with time. Our love and forbearance for fellow human beings both as individuals and nations, has not kept abreast of the rapid increase in knowledge.

People can treat one another comparatively better, but our mode of interaction, in general, remains the same. This holds true for all places, material and abstract: relationships, families, towns, cities, nations, even the world as a whole. Always remember, a person is capable of anything given the right time and circumstances.

However, despite all this, you also know that you have complete control over your own reactions and this determines the way you will interact with other people. It also depends on how they react to your attitude.

So, since you know now that human nature will not change completely, you must try to change yourself. The main reason we fear to cast aside our beliefs and egos is because we are scared that the reason we are changing will not be sufficient to justify the change in attitude.

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