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Thursday, June 9, 2011

HTC Thunderbolt Business Applications

By Gareth Jale

Running a business is one of the most difficult things that a person can do. Especially if the business is composed of thousands of people, it is important for business owners to have devices that will make running the business easier and less time-consuming. A smart phone allows the user to run a business without having to be in your office. There are a number of smart phones that business owners can choose from, but perhaps the best choice of phone would be the HTC Thunderbolt. Not only is it one of the fastest phones created by HTC, but it also has a reasonable price and has a large screen.

A cell phone is not the only thing needed. Accessories must also be purchased to help keep your device safe and to also enhance the productivity of your mobile phone. Accessories are some of the best when it comes to smart phones. A case and a screen protector are two of the best accessories for this particular phone. The cases for the Thunderbolt allow users to customize their phone to suit their style, and they also protect the phone from any accidents, such as dropping the phone.

Applications are a big part of owning a phone that has the Android operating system. There are literally thousands of applications to choose from, and there are a number of applications that are perfect for business owners. The first application that is great for a business user is Documents to Go. This program allows users to view and edit documents as well as spreadsheets and power points. This is great for users that travel and need to modify a presentation while they are on the way to a meeting, but they do not have a laptop available.

There are several other applications that are great for business owners as well. If you ever need to access multiple computers but are not at your office or home desk then LogMeIn Ignition is the ideal program for you. By simply using this application to log in, you will gain remote access to your computer. This can be very beneficial if you ever need to access certain information that is only available on your computer.

Although we only managed to mention two business programs, you should know have a pretty good understanding of the business power a smart phone can have. Not only can users use multiple applications without the phone slowing down, but they can expand the storage space of the phone to allow them to download as many applications as they need. Not only is this phone great for business, but users can enjoy a movie while they are traveling on the high-definition screen and still have battery life left for work.

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