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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Can Pad Submission Service Increase Your Site Traffic

By James Sellers

Submitting software using PAD files to software download sites is an extremely efficient supply of high quality backlinks from authority websites. Virtual assistants state that it is just one of link building method which is rarely discussed. This means it is one large untapped goldmine waiting for you to take advantage of. Essentially, you create a special software program file called the PAD file based on the software you wish to distribute for submission to the software directories. A PAD file is a Portable Application Description in XML which contains information needed for sites to provide descriptions and download information.

You may designate a website URL and also a title. This provides the perfect chance to create a superior quality one-way backlink for the software website using your desired anchor text. After submission, the software directory can publish your software and you gain a precious backlink to your website.

Most of these software directories are usually high in Page Rank. These backlinks are highly useful and can generate your own rankings up the search engines like google.

The initial step in distributing your current software is to create a PAD file. PAD is a Portable Application Description, and it aids authors provide product descriptions and specifications to internet sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will permit site owners and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters. Listed below is a brief description of several of ideas to making a PAD file that the shareware sites will accept.

1. Company Info: These fields contain all of the information about your business. Several authors may decide to omit this information. It is fine if you need to stay anonymous, but it is advisable to include information in every field. This will guarantee your PAD file is not rejected by any shareware websites.

2. Contact Information: Contact details are for the name of the individual who should be contacted concerning the software. Most shareware sites use the contact info to send you emails concerning your submission.

3. Support Information: This is for contact e-mails and cell phone numbers.

4. Program Info: This is for all the details about your software.

5. Program Descriptions: In program description it is best not to make it too long. Men and women will generally just read the first sentence as they are searching through. This first sentence should provide them with enough information to get them to want to read more. A catchy description means more curiosity and a lot more downloads.

6. Internet Information: This is for all of the URLs. Be sure there's no spelling errors and that all of the URL's work properly. Program reviewers aren't going to get in touch with you to find out what the correct URL is. They are simply not going to review your program.

Virtual assistants say that the Pad Submission Service can save you a lot of time and cash. It assists software authors' present merchandise descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard method, utilizing a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to be able to automate program listings. Pad works together with an array of customers to develop marketing and communications programs to support the individual client's overall marketing strategy.

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