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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Corporate Expansion - Become A Corporate Powerhouse In 3 Easy Steps

By James Scott

So many times corporations look outside of their company to grow by way of mergers, acquisitions, licensing etc. Most companies lack the discipline to look inward and examine the elements inside the existing company to synergize and expand. Here is what I mean. Let's say that you're large landscaping company and you offer three services under this landscaping umbrella consisting of: hard-scape, lawn mowing and landscape architecture.

Now, most likely your promotions will place the general corporate image which would be 'landscape services' at the top of your promotional material as your efforts are to use direct mailers and yard signs to promote this service and as people call they will be introduced to your other solutions but try this.

Step one: take each of these services and treat them as standalone subsidiary entities each with their own targeted demographics promotion, tagline, logo, phone number etc. Brand each company like a stand alone and use your parent company name and logo as a stamp on each promotion and logo.

Step two: when promoting with your own phone number, ads and yard signs, imagine all of the responses coming in like a funnel. A targeted approach will strengthen the sale and speed up the selling process and then you can offer your other services individualized by their own logo but unified with the parent company stamp of approval. Target your market first, sell quickly, offer up sells to your other services.

Step three: ongoing treat each subsidiary as its own business entity. When you buy an ad for one, negotiate a deal to get the other companies in under that umbrella. Have them visually close to each other and you'll find that will different phone numbers and logos many times people will end up calling all three subsidiaries for services, that give you three times to sell them and to get your sales staff out for an estimate. This is a powerful technique that can ad rocket fuel to your expansion efforts. Many times is most affective when you look inward not out!

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