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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Things You Will Love About The IPhone 3Gs Carbon Fiber Snap On Case

By John Mitchell

There you are minding your own business, trying to beat your own record on Paper Toss when someone bumps you, sending your iPhone crashing to the floor and your pink diamond studs splashing across the ground in a fireworks show. Or you're at the pool and a of group girls actually agree to let your friend take a picture with them, but as you struggle to get your iPhone out they see you pulling at this large bulge in your pocket and quickly disperse. Can it really be that hard to find an iPhone case that looks good AND protects your phone (without being bulky)? You definitely need the protection because at $400-$700 (no contract), the iPhone 3Gs is not something you can easily replace, but it's 2010 for pete's sake, you should be able to get something that both looks good and protects your phone. Luckily, there's the iPhone 3Gs Carbon Fiber Snap On Case and here's 3 things you'll wanna know about it:

1.) Good Looks - Why is everything trying to be the new black, because black is just so cool. Black is great at parties, at business meetings and anywhere else you can want to be at. Now take black and add to it a unique carbon fiber high design and you've got an old-school standard with a new-school style.

2.) Genius Design - If you need to charge your phone you can charge it. If you need to plug in your headphones, your music will be crystal clear. If you just need to send a quick text, then text away (as long as you're not driving of course). The Carbon Fiber case is precisely structured so it doesn't get in your way and you can get to every button or port without the case getting in its own way.

3.) The Brawn - Being light weight and thin in design you can slide this into your pocket or throw it into your purse with ease. The cover is not heavy or bulky, making it easy to install with no tools required. Its durable and solid structure will keep all those annoying dents and scratches away as well.

So run out and get this little gem of an accessory before the 4G comes out and you have to get it again!

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