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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Business Center Solutions For Any Size Business

By Adriana Noton

The use of an IP phone is one of the best of the business center solutions on the market today. An IP phone systems are an internet provider phone that uses the internet air waves instead of phone lines to transmit voice communication.

I remember the first time I used an IP phone for a call center job I had. I wasn't trained at all. They just threw me on the sales floor and handed me the headset. I looked at the person sitting next to me with a look of bewilderment that would make Laurel and Hardy laugh. I proceeded to push what I though was the call button. Little did I know that it was the mute button.

So how does this present a business solution? Using an IP phone allows a business to make long distance telephone calls without paying the normal tolls. The nice thing about an IP phone system is you can use as many phones as you like without having to pay extra. Customers that are making incoming calls never hear a busy signal either.

Using an IP phone is also a good solution for any call center type of business. When you place the system into effect, it won't matter if you have one person or thirty on the line. You will see that the program runs as smooth as silk.

Can you imagine being on the phone with a very important client and you are in the middle the biggest negotiation of your career and all of a sudden you cannot hear them? This scenario would be enough to make Donald Trump tell the phone company "Your Fired!" The great thing about using an IP phone as a business solution is not having to worry about dropping a call. You stay connected with that big client and all sorts of other people as well.

Some companies offer IP phones in two different packages that are structured for the specific needs of a call center. The first package choice is referred to as a hosted package. These packages offer non-server, plug and go features that makes this package ideal for smaller companies with less than 20 employees. The other package is a premise version.

This package is a little more technical than the hosted in that you have to install your own server in order to operate the system. Once you install the system though, it is easily managed and can handle up to 500 employees. If you choose this option, then you don't even have to have the regular internet. You won't have to worry on those pesky days when the internet is just plain unavailable.

New employees may find this system takes a little getting used to. The tangle of wires and all of the new equipment seems a little overwhelming. Walking into a call center they may feel a sense of hitting a wrong button and blowing up the world. Just reassure them that this is not the case and proceed with training. Your employee will end up being your best business center solution!

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