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Friday, September 9, 2011

What To Expect When Receiving Driving Lessons To Get A Drivers License

By Faye Hall

A person who is about to take their licensing exam will first have to learn the basics of operating a car. There are two ways to learn the skills needed. Individuals can use services of qualified vehicle instructions. The second option is to have a family member or a friend teach them. Anyone who is giving driving lessons to a person without a license must acquire at least 48 months of experience.

The next step when choosing a driving instructor is to choose a learning vehicle. There are automatic and manual cars. An automatic car is certainly easier to master. However, a person who chooses to learn how to drive on a manual vehicle will later be able to drive just about any car - including automatics.

In the USA, legal regulations vary from state to state. The minimum age to obtain the license varies from 14 to 17. In most states, drivers under the age of 18 are obligated to attend a driver's education program.

Driver's education programs can be attended at professional schools or in some high schools. All students are required to take a certain number of practice tests before applying for a driver's license. These classes include both theoretical and behind the wheels exams.

During the theoretical classes, students learn about sign, signals and road markings, basic car controls, how to drive in rural, urban and highway roads. They will also be taught about how to act in emergency situations and the IPDE process. After theoretical classes, students are required to pass the Instruction Permit Test. All students who pass this test can take the in-car exam.

Legal regulations of the state in which the student is based in determine the minimum amount of classes needed before applying for a license. However, in most cases the minimum required number of exams is not enough for a person to learn how to drive properly. Students are encouraged to take as much classes as possible, in order to feel perfectly comfortable behind the wheel. This way, students become good and careful drivers.

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