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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Twitter Software For Professionals

By Dane Robson

The website known as Twitter has been getting a lot of press lately. It started with a simple goal in mind, and still is a pretty simple concept in general. But since it has become so popular, there have been a lot of programs developed to help people work with it in a better way. There is a lot of Twitter software available now, and it can be used on almost any electronic device with access to the internet.

The concept of Twitter was originally just to allow a simple way for people to post updates (known as tweets), about things going on in their lives or things that they are interested in, for others who know and care about them to see and read. And it is still used for that purpose. But it's also used for other reasons, which is one of the reasons it has become so popular.

The other purposes that Twitter is being used for are things like marketing, advertising, and something known as micro-blogging. It can even be used as something like a mini chat room with a longer delay than instant messaging, but still being much faster than email. This means that not only are individuals using Twitter, so are businesses, companies, news services, and other corporate entities.

And also, since Twitter is so popular now with people following hundreds or even thousands of people, it can be very difficult for people to keep track of the tweets being posted by the people they really care about keeping up with. This is why these programs have been developed, and why they are being used by so many people rather than the website itself. Plus, there are many features that these programs allow which the website doesn't that make them useful.

These programs are also usually cooler looking than the website itself. You can get different skins for them to fit your personal taste, and they have options available that let you work with Twitter more effectively. Some offer buttons that allow you to click to retweet a tweet, reply to one, or do something else more quickly than having to type in the appropriate hash tag in order to do that same thing.

Most of these programs allow you to create lists of people who you are following. So you may have hundreds or thousands of people that your are following and want to keep following, but only have a dozen or so that are your favorites who's tweets you really want to keep up with. You could create a list of just those people so that you won't have to wade through all of the tweets just to find the ones from those people.

Finally, there are small programs that can be installed onto a smartphone to allow you to access Twitter on your cell phone. These apps allow you to see tweets from the people you are following, or post a tweet yourself right on the screen of your phone. Some of them also allow you to retweet something, make lists, etc. Just like the computer programs do.

Since Twitter is so popular now, and each person typically has over a hundred people they are following, without a program to help them do it, it can become somewhat overwhelming. But by using a program especially designed to work with Twitter, a person can work with it much more efficiently and easily, and enjoy it more. And if they enjoy it more, they'll keep using it and it'll remain popular.

Twitter software has evolved a lot since the introduction of the website. It is available now for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android operating systems. It's often more convenient and more visually appealing to use than the website, and allows you to work with the website, your followers, and those whom you are following better.

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