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Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook Marketing Essentials

By Staci Rae

Hey, you there! Yes, you! Stop messing around on Facebook and listen up. Did you know that the site you spend so much time on can be a valuable asset to your business? Think about it this way: If you are spending so much time connecting with people and "becoming a fan" of various organizations and businesses on Facebook, how many other people are in the same boat? Why couldn't you use the addictive nature of Facebook to your company's advantage?

Think about this: Facebook is used more than any other social networking site, and twenty percent of your Facebook fans will return to your page repeatedly, statistics show. That is a great opportunity for you to market your business to a wide audience in a short period of time.

The truth of the matter is, Facebook marketing is not particularly difficult, ones you understand a few things. And once you become really proficient at it, you'll be able to get more and more fans to your page all the time.

Play on human nature to increase your Facebook marketing efforts' effectiveness. Remember that people like to feel like they are getting a bonus. Entice people to visit your page by offering them a prize or a discount just for visiting your page. You'll start to see an increase in your fans pretty quickly!

It's also important to look at the feedback your fans are offering on your page. Their comments, both positive and negative, will go a long way toward helping you create effective marketing strategies. A marketing campaign is a living, breathing, dynamic thing. By constantly staying on top of what your fans like and dislike about your page you'll be able to better match your strategy with the needs of your audience.

Remember, too, that it's no good to just amass a huge fan following. Your real goal ought to be to get your fans talking. Give them something to talk about. Converse and interact with your fans. The more you can do that, the more you'll start to see opportunities crop up to promote your business.

Here's the good news: Facebook offers several ways for you to market your page. These include sending messages, posting videos, and even distributing links to your page. Take good advantage of these tools and you'll stay in all-important contact with your fans. By staying in contact with your fans you'll keep their interest. Lose your fans' interest and you'll lose business.

Let uSocial.net help you on the road to successful Facebook marketing. They have the knowledge, tools and expertise to help you on your Facebook marketing journey.

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