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Monday, July 18, 2011

Notable Accessories for the Motorola Droid 3

By Gareth Jale

This smart phone has just been released in the United States not too long ago. It was already released in Europe where it was named the Motorola Milesone 3, as well as China, where it was called Motorola XT883. . Accessories have already begun to arrive at Verizon stores (and many are being sold at reduced prices, too: see below). One of these accessories is a standard data cable that you can use to transfer data, or even charge your phone. The user does this by attaching the cable to a Multimedia Station. There are also some cases and screen protectors (to be discussed later).

For driving, you can purchase a retractable car charger that you can plug into your cigarette lighter. This device will never overcharge the battery. And if you get the retractable charger mentioned (of course, there are also non-retractable car chargers), you'll be able to save a lot of room without the annoyance of dealing with tangled wires. Devices like these are indispensable because no user wants to suddenly run out of power on the road and have to wait till he or she has access to a computer. The Universal 1500 mAh Micro USB Back Up Charger has also been advertised as a "must," since with it the battery will never run out. It has four LEDs to indicate the current power level.

Another accessory that many people consider very important (but is actually optional), is a stylus pen. It is designed to be used with this phone touchable keypad; hence the tip is the same size as the keys. It also comes with an earphone plug that prevents the pen from being lost. One can use this pen to avoid smudging the screen with his oily fingertips or scratching it with his fingernails.

Another pretty optional accessory you can purchase is a Universal FM Transmitter with USB and Remote. It enables the user to talk through the speaker system of his car, and also to listen to music. And it can be used to charge the phone.

The case may be plain color (orange, neon green) or beautifully designed (purple and black zebra, purple lily, color leopard, fire skull, autumn splash) to fit almost any buyer's personal tastes. Some cases are hard and plain rubberized, while others are diamond studded. All cases have pre- cut holes that enable access to the phone's functions even when it is being stored in them. They fit perfectly around the phone so that they take up a minimum of additional space. The best case is a holster with padding to provide extra protection.

The screen protector is constructed with two layers of the toughest film available. It protects the screen against scratching and ultraviolet radiation. Scratches on the protector heal quickly.

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