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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Features Functional Trade Show Booths Used In Marketing Goods Have

By Adriana Noton

Trade show booths that are uniquely designed, economical to maintain, very simple in design and structure and highly interactive will facilitate marketing success. The pictures used and the messages painted on the inside and outside of any stall should be as simple as possible if success in marketing is desired. To make any stall to be interactive, its interiors and exteriors should reflect the tastes, preferences and professions of potential customers.

A potential customer in this niche is any person attending the trade show in question. Such a person can be having information on the product being advertised or he can be a person who has never heard about the product being advertised. With a good marketing strategy, potential customers will be made to be actual customers.

When constructing and designing any stand, interests of likely visitors must be focused on. The interest of visitors is dependent on the professions of the visitors. Some visitors may be professional farmers while some may be successful businessmen. If most of the visitors are likely to be professional farmers, a booth should be designed with designs of different farming activities. If business men are the likely visitors, the booth needs to have a lot of business related information. Such information can be painted on walls or printed on colorful papers. A good brochure is a collection of colorful papers that have valuable information. Use of brochures is a marketing technique that produces positive results in most cases.

To make one's stall to have high traffic, use of interactive games and easy tests will come in handy. There should be a prize winner in every game or test. The prize winner will be the person who answers all questions correctly or the person who outwits other contestants in a game. Questions that feature should be easy questions that will require little brainstorming to get the right answers. Use of interesting games will infuse some entertainment value to a selling activity and will make such an activity to be very interactive.

A unique stall will automatically stand out. To have a highly unique stall, there has to be a lot brainstorming. Brainstorming can be personal brainstorming or group brainstorming. Group brainstorming needs to involve every person who will be involved in selling the service or good in question. Ideas resulting from brainstorming must not be copied ideas. Copied ideas will derail any selling activity while original ideas will increase profits.

Messages must be unique and also very simple to understand. The main idea contained in a message will be grasped very easily if the message is very simple. The vision and mission of one's organization should be expressed in a language that most visitors understand.

The stall owner should strive to make his stall to have all the desired attributes. Such a marketer should also strive to know different aspects of the product he is to market so that he is in a better position to educate others. The tests and interesting games to be used will be designed by the stall owner.

Good trade show booths have all the desired attributes while the bad ones have very few desired qualities. One of the desired attribute is uniqueness. Pictures, illustrations and messages used must be unique, brief and relevant.

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